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By sarahpavey, Oct 31 2015 03:30PM

After our summer break we spent some time sorting out our programme for Tenterden Folk Festival and introducing some of our new repertoire including The Ripe and Bearded Barley which we arranged having heard Bob and Kathy Drage sing it at the Woolpack last year.

We began with a return visit to the Cheshire Cheese as part of the Brandenburg Fringe Festival on 15th September. This time there were only two acts (we shared the stage with Vocal Eclipse) so we had a slightly longer slot allowing us to showcase a range of our styles.

On the first weekend of October we set off to the wonderful Tenterden Festival. We began at guests at the singaround at the William Caxton pub where Festival organiser Alan Castle told us that Gordon Tyrrall had pulled out of the Festival for personal reasons and asked us if we would be willing to do an extra slot “Meet Morrigan” or “argue with Morrigan” as we prefer it on the Sunday afternoon.

On Friday evening, about an hour before the Saddlery concert Chris E realised he had left his performance clothes behind and a mad dash to Matalan saved the day ….or so we thought …unfortunately the shirt inside was actually a size smaller than what was stated on the outside packaging so poor Chris was looking a bit like the incredible hulk. We had a great concert sharing in a round robin style with Mick Ryan & Paul Downes, Roy Clinging and Pete Castle.

The next day we headed to an instrumental session at the White Lion at lunchtime and then joined Chris Harrison at the Caxton where he was performing his songs and we sang Willie to Jinny together at the close of the session. We then followed Chris H to the Saddlery for his workshop on Carols from the Coalfields and again joined him for one song. After a bit of a break and banter with friends in the chip shop we got ready for our 2 hour slot at the Vine. Despite the alternative attraction of the world cup rugby (an important game for Ing ger land we were told) we drew a good crowd and particularly welcomed the support from Alan Castle (I was only going to stay 5 mins but I’ve been drawn into staying for an hour) and Adrian O (Ah that will be the magic of the Morrigan). We were able to sing lots of songs and play some instrumentals too.

We began Sunday with the singaround in the Caxton garden – the weather all weekend being amazing and then moved on to The Saddlery for our Meet Morrigan slot. We had some interesting questions fired at us from the audience (notably morris people in disguise as members of the public) but the session was ably facilitated by Pete Castle who gave us opportunities to play and sing throughout. It was nice to see our friends Scold’s Bridle and Doug Welch from BBC Kent there too.

We finished our festival at where else but the William Caxton in the evening. A rousing chorus of songs brilliantly compered as ever by Bob Kenward, Malcolm Ward and Roger Resch – so looking forward to guesting at their folk club Nellie’s in December. We were very touched by Alan Castle thanking Morrigan publically for our support and contribution to the Festival and very humbled by the huge round of applause that followed from fellow performers and festival attendees.

To end October we paid a flying visit on the following Saturday to Lewes Folk Festival and joined in the singaround at the Elephant and Castle with Brad and Carol Chick, Valmai Goodyear and others. We hope we will be able to attend more events here next year – another great little festival.

Looking ahead we have an exciting November and December with many Christmas themed events lined up. Folk club visits, National Trust Christmas fairs, GFMA Wassail night with Martin Carthy and the Rochester Dickens Festival.

By sarahpavey, Jul 27 2015 02:35PM

June began with a fantastic session at The Trafalgar in Wimbledon. Our rendition of The White Cockade that we sang is on our YouTube Channel. It was a packed pub and we sang and played until late with a great crowd of diverse musicians

We then travelled up to London to the Music Traditions Club run by Peta Webb. The guests were Roger Digby and Liz Giddings and there was a special appearance by Bob Davenport. We sang a couple of songs which seemed to go down well on this hot and sutry night despite the Thunderstorm outside!

Next on the agenda was Orpington Folk Club at the Change of Horses where we were the Guest artists. We had a great time and really welcomed everyone joining in with the choruses. It was lovely to see some of our supporters there too which all helped make a grand evening.

Unfortunately our Two Brewers slot had to be postponed in June until 23rd but this drew a good crowd with some new faces too. We are having to abandon the July session for logistical reasons involving football and we will be taking a break in August. Hoping to see our regular crowd and a few more maybe in September.

At the very end of June we ventured up to London again to Sharp's Folk Club and enjoyed a wonderful evening of singing and entertainment. This is such a friendly club and there were some good acts at this singaround night. We were lucky to be invited to perform 4 songs and they were very well received by all.

We returned to do a floor spot at Orpington in July to support our friend Malcolm Ward who was the main guest.

We rounded off the summer with a trip tp Deal Folk Club where there was a singaround. We couldn't have picked a worse night weather wise with the rain lashing down, flooded roads and surface water and a high wind - so much for a balmy summer evening at the seaside. To add more misery Operation Stack had closed the M20 and there were long delays on the M2 and surrounding roads. It took nearly 5 hours to get there for some of us. But the welcome in contrast to what was going on outside was warm and friendly and a welcome sanctuary. Although we were not all there until the second half we were given 4 songs to sing and made to feel part of the family. We are looking forward to returning to this lovely club and hope to see some of the regulars at Tenderden Folk Festival.

So now we take a summer break and look forward to performing again at the Brandenburg Fringe Festival in September at the Cheshire Cheese in London

By sarahpavey, May 26 2015 01:12AM

Morrigan have been out and about this month with a selection of new songs which had their first airing at the Charlton House concert with John Kirkpatrick. We have added into the repertoire The Lark in the Morning, The Bonny Hawthorn, The Crystal Spring and Dink's Song. It has also been good to revisit our spring May Day songs such as Hal an Tow and Padstow.

We began the month with a chance to sing at the Rochester Sweeps Festival. Chris E, Sarah and Ros played some individual tunes and songs at the sing around in The Good Intent at lunchtime as Chris H could not make it until later in the day. We then did an hour long set at The Man of Kent which was full and very noisy but everyone joined in lustily with the choruses and several of our friends came along to support us which was fantastic. After a bite to eat we then headed back to The Good Intent for the evening singaround stopping to hear our new aquaintances Sur Les Docks en route at The Man of Kent. We sang 3 songs at the singaround and it was good to see Bob Kenward there too. Many thanks to Doug Hudson for inviting us to perform at the Festival at short notice.

On the Friday of the same week we were the main guests at Orpington Friday Folk Club. In their brochure they described us as "beautiful acapella harmonies and great traditional songs interspersed with accompanied material". It was a pleasure to return for the main slot after our performance at one of their singarounds. Our thanks to Sue for inviting us and it is so sad that this friendly club will be closing later in the year due to lack of support.

The following week, on a cold, wet and windy night (we should not have sung that song!!!) we were the main act at Otford Folk Club following an invitation from Sheila. The Crown is a lovely venue with a real pub atmosphere and very nice beer! We had a great bunch of floor singers and everyone was in good voice by the time we took centre stage. Our tunes and songs went down well and lifted the atmosphere after a miserable day weather wise. It was good to see some of our friends there too and it was a great evening all round.

We now have some exciting events lined up for June and July before we take our summer holidays in August so do come and support us if you can.

By sarahpavey, May 25 2015 11:55PM

April saw Morrigan celebrating St Georges Day and Shakespeare's birthday in style this year.

We kicked off with a ceilidh on Good Friday at Charlton House, one of our regular venues, in aid of GFMA. Chris H did the calling and we had a good crowd and a fun evening and it was good to show off our instrumentals to people more used to hearing us sing. It all went down very well and was a good prelude to our performance at the same spot later in the month.

Just before we returned to Charlton House we performed on 23rd April itself at Ruskin House Folk and Blues Club in Croydon for their St Georges Day event ably organised by Luke. We sang a number of songs and played some tunes too and received a good response from the audience despite being on rather later than anticipated!

The next day we had our big performance at Charlton House and were honoured to be supporting John Kirkpatrick. We were anxious throught he floor spots as we hoped no-one would perform our May songs before us but all was fine and from the opening notes of Hal an Tow to the final Oss Oss Wee Oss call of the Padstow May Song everything went well and we had many accolades from the audience and John K too. With a stunning performance from John Kirkpatick it was a fantastic evening and another triumph for Global Fusion Media Arts, Louisa and her team.

By sarahpavey, Apr 1 2015 01:17PM

We have had some fun over the last two months despite a few winter coughs and colds

February saw a return to the Cheshire Cheese in Little Essex Street as part of the Brandenburg Fringe Festival. Our co-performers were Academix and Treblesome. We had a fantastic evening and lots of support for our performance. We managed to include some new material too and this was spotted by the organiser. We really enjoy these performances to a varied audience who seem so interested in the stories behind our songs as well as the music.

In March we were honoured to step into the residents slot at the famous Cellar Upstairs Folk Club supporting Roy Bailey. What an evening! We had earlier performed a ceilidh in Nunhead but made the venue easily with time to spare. We had some surprises meeting old friends from abroad and some regulars from other clubs. We sang for two 20 min slots giving a good range of our songs and hope we will make a return trip before too long. Roy Bailey was amazing and some lovely thought provoking songs.

On Mother's Day (15th March) we were back to St Christopher's Hospice in Sydenham providing entertainment for their Sunday Lunch. There was a great crowd and despite the fact we were actually providing background music a surprising amount of interest in our songs. One member of the audience told us our rendition of the Jute Mill Song had brought a tear to his eye reminding him of his native home.

And so onward to April and kicking off on 3rd with a ceilidh at Charlton House. We will also be returning there at the end of the month, 24th for the annual St Georges Day celebration supporting John Kirkpatrick. In addition we will also be performing at Ruskin House for their regular St Georges event.

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