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Where did 1.5 years go

By sjpavey, Jan 17 2018 12:07PM

The business of Morrigan over the last year and a half has affected the regular blogging of our activities but it certainly has been eventful. We have shared our music with numerous clubs attended two Tenterden Festivals, two Lancaster Music Festivals, Two Sweeps Festivals and Two Dickens Festivals since last posting.

The highlight though has to be our collaboration and inspiration working with Leith Hill Place in Surrey (owned by the National Trust) and the childhood home of Ralph Vaughan Williams. This has tripled our repertoire and thanks to Chris Harrison's speedy and wonderful arrangements we how have a collection of over 20 songs collected by RVW. We performed at Leith Hill Place in June and July 2017 and at Christmases 2016 and 2017.

We have also taken Morrigan abroad to Etaples in France where we performed at the Hareng Roi Festival in November and then again in December at the Christmas Market

We have an exciting year ahead in 2018 with clubs such as Cheam, Court Sessions, Faversham, Folk at the Drum and Deal already booked and of course our regular festival slots. We also hope to begin work on a third CD and who knows may be even get that launched this year

Happy New Year to all and do come and support us if you can

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